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Serenity Vibration Healing® Practitioner

Learn the Secrets of SVH
For your personal growth
For clients and friends

Noticeably quiet the mind.
Learn how to create your reality and
assist others to do the same.
Release all that is blocking you in your life.

“In this course you will be guided to connect to your own spiritual source of empowerment, the I Am within, your all-knowing higher self. You will enter a peaceful state and learn to use these tools in a state of serenity where there is no duality, only a quiet mind, love and clarity beyond your imagining. It is only from this state that you can create the reality you choose with focused clarity. It is from this clarity that you create miracles in your life!”

Take a Serenity Vibration Healing® teleclass in the comfort of your home. Go behind-the-scenes of Serenity Empowerment Coaching to learn how it’s done. This is the how!

Call +61-413-560-867 for a private class or check online for the schedule of the following classes:

SVH LEVEL 1: Learn the premier enlightenment tool of the century for personal use or for clients and friends. Utilize the foundational concepts and tools such as Quantum Level Reprogramming, Keys to Mastery, Shields and easy to use Processes and Protocols for whatever ails you or to achieve your heart’s desire.

SVH LEVEL 1 MASTERY: Perfect and expand upon the Serenity Tools. Become confident with the inner mechanisms of SVH, learn about greater applications and use the techniques and tools for yourself or with family, friends and clients.

SVH LEVEL 2: Expand your repertoire of Serenity Tools and make huge leaps in your spiritual expansion. Learn ways to do deep clearings that bring serenity into your life and the lives of others easily and effortlessly. Revel in powerful guided visualizations that bring you joy.

Learn how to utilize the Serenity Tools to change your life, create your reality and if you choose, do the same for your friends, family and clients.

SVH is the most comprehensive reformatting modality of our time. If you are choosing to live a drama free, abundant, joyful and productive life, let SVH be your catalyst for change.

The SVH Tools can help you redefine the foundations of your past, present and future to gracefully transform your life NOW.

SVH is easy to learn and easy for you to apply in seconds. Learn how to transform your life from the comfort of your home and use these tools to leap to new heights of conscious awareness in 2015.


Kate Jess
Certified SVH Practitioner & Teacher